Our Team

The entire leadership, staff, and board of Ties to La Tierra consist of BIPOC individuals. Every one of us has Indigenous diasporic roots spanning North, Central, and South America, originating from areas heavily impacted by colonial and imperial forces.
Our organization doesn't adhere to conventional governance structures found in nonprofits. Instead, we embrace Indigenous approaches to horizontalism and assume complementary roles to fulfill organizational responsibilities.
We collaborate with collectives, organizations, and groups representing our diverse diasporic communities, including BIPOC individuals and people from the global south.

Sabrina Chapa (she/they)

Founder and Executive Director

Sabrina is a Xicana/Mexica from the Gulf Coast and Southern Plains of Texas (Karankawa land). Sabrina is a proud “Earth Protector at the intersections of just practice, biocultural ecology, and radical transformation”. She has a Masters of Science in Ecological Justice, Indigenous Studies, and Environmental Policy as well as, a Bachelors of Science in Geography and Environmental Resources. On her time off she takes pleasure in reading, vibing, fishing, eating tacos, swimming, stargazing and dancing with her Mexica Danza Kapulli.

Meagan Mikiztochtli Alvarado Xotochtli (she/her)

Educational Organizer, Spiritual Practitioner, and Partnership Director

Meagan was born in so-called Baton Rouge, LA  and raised in so-called Corpus Christi, TX. Meagan is of Lipan-Apache and Nahua bloodline Indigenous descents and she is a ranked member of Kalpulli Papalotl of 12 years. She was married in a traditional Mexica wedding and is striving to live and learn the ways of our ancestors. Meagan has been building relationships with Indigenous communities in the state, organizing Indigenous centric events (like the First Annual Turtle Bay Powwow), and has been a teacher for 7 years and counting. On top of being a wife and mother, her passion is teaching and education. With her time away from working she enjoys camping, going to the beach, hiking, dancing, and reading books. 

Deandra Sanchez

Youth Development and Program Director

Deandra Sanchez was born in so-called Corpus Christi, Texas and is a descendent of the Karankawa and Lipan Apache. Deandra enacts their passion of multigenerational skills sharing for the future of generations simultaneously with the respect of ancestral wisdom from elders. Through the course of Deandra’s life they have been integrating spirit with Indigenous events planning, leading youth protests, and relationship building with community and local mutual aid initiatives. Deandra likes to spend their time in solitude, with nature, and nurturing their connection to the land by growing plants.

EagleBear Alvarado (he/him)

Coming Soon.

Dorothy Peña (she/they)

Food Sovereignty and Land Systems Director

Dorothy has ancestral ties to so-called South Texas and is of mixed descent from Europe. She is tied to Kapulli Papalotl and is a ranked Huehuetera. She feels called to make connections with all Beings, to nourish the soil, and save seeds. Dorothy has worked on an urban mini farm for the past 3 years to support Elder knowledge of food and health, works with several organizations around social and environmental issues to reduce harm to Mother Earth, communities, and self, and does coalition building with farmers, ranchers, and land stewards. When she is not working she enjoys sharing stories, singing, dancing, playing the Huehuetl, growing plants, spending time with community, family, and friends, walking long distances in solitude in nature, and cooking. 

Joshua Chapa (he/him)

Coming Soon.